Real Assets Investments

Versus Capital Advisors LLC designs and manages unique investment strategies that have the potential to deliver diversifying returns and consistent income sourced from real assets including real estate, infrastructure, farmland and timberland.

Our Vision

Versus Capital believes real assets investments have attractive potential investment benefits when incorporated into multi-asset portfolios including low correlations to public equities and fixed income, as they have provided low volatility returns with relatively stable income, and a positive correlation to inflation.

Institutional investors have been steadily growing their allocations to real assets over the last two decades, yet individual investor portfolios lag their institutional counterparts by a wide margin.  We make complex and potentially valuable real asset investments easily accessible to fiduciary advisers and their clients.

Real Assets01

Physical assets that have intrinsic value like land, buildings, and trees. Real assets are the original asset class and have been a source of wealth generation long before stocks and bonds.


We believe it is critical for all investors, not just institutions, to diversify beyond traditional 60% equity / 40% bond portfolios with alternative investments, including real assets.


Real assets investments may be tied to long-term contracts that have the potential to generate cash flow for the investor. Historically, diversified portfolios of real assets have generated relatively consistent cash flows resulting in a more stable return profile.